theater in der westentasche
theater in der westentasche

Here you find information about THE Erasmus+       funded project: Theatre for Europe 2016!    (westentasche Freilichttheater Verein)


The Weste Pocket Sommertheater Association fromUlm-Germany, in cooperation with the Partner S.Mou.Th from Larissa Greece organizes an international youth summit with showing the experimental theatre production:

The sparrow from Ulm by Off-Off-Broadway Playwright
Jan Quackenbush a World Premiere!


International Youth Summit Theatre for Europe
The International youth summit “Theatre for Europe” will bring together 16 young people from Ulm, Germany and Larissa, Greece from July 29th till August 07th 2016 in Blaubeuren, Germany, 11 Days during Summer Holidays 2016 The young people will live and creatively work together in order toexperience a European cooperation: They will use theatre as creative method to express their idea about the current EU subjects Migration and Escape and the question: "Shall Europe be an exclusive space or stage for everyone?"

An old swabian Lady- Elsa-like every day, like every year, since she has migrated to new Land“ country, faraway of her beloved home- during her house keeping work told histories of her imagination, real histories of her country too, about many different things of life and love and heaven. This time the little girl wish to hear her voice and feel her company again. She got it! and the old swabian Lady began to tell it:
„Once upon at time in the city of Ulm, how people are called swabians at rest of the world, over the cathedral, there is carved a little sparrow...“
The little Ulm´s sparrow is in reality the unofficial symbol of Ulm. Quackenbush’s play tell with few characters and re-historical event: how the architect could finally finish his work with the help from a streets boys and a little sparrow that always flying up to top with a little stock.
This poetical play give us hope about social less opportunities and skills that maybe no every „studied“ person has. Youth and Nature are an element the keep building on a European Identity and new generations from fantastic cultures around this old continent. Mobility and meeting from youth maybe can contribute for it.
With dance elements, masks and pantomime, songs and poesies can be tell it this „old History“ by the 16 boys and girls of 2 Countries in a German Theatre camp of 11 Days. 2 Presentations under the direction from Nancy Calero and creative support work from Katerina Becou will be in 2 cities around the swabian Alp: Blaubeuren and Ulm. From 29th July until August 2016 will be this wonderful adventure of art and creativity. This project is funded by the EU program ERASMUS+.

About the Playwright:
JAN QUACKENBUSH is an internationally produced playwright. He is published by Calder & Boyars, London and included in the anthology Signature 20 with Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco. He has had several productions at the LA MaMa  theatre in New York. Jan wrote his trilogy The Soldier and his Family for the avant-garde an der westentasche theatre company in Ulm, Germany, as a biographical work of the company who presented the three one-act plays in 2013-2014-2015, most recently in February 2016 in Broadway New-York and June, 2015, in the Baden-Würtetembergischen Theater Festival, Heidelberg, Germany. On a personal note, Jan feels very privileged that he has participated as a playwright for about ten years with the westentasche – (“vestpocket”) theatre –produced by Thomas Dentler and Nancy Calero. Jan’s current projects include two new plays based on stories of Ulm. Jan lives in Binghamton, NY, and teaches theater at SUNY-Broome Community College, and in the MA/MFA Creative Writing Program of Wilkes University.
Going forward, Ulm will continue to serve as a major character in Quackenbush’s work. Today, he’s developing two new plays: The Sparrow of Ulm and The Taylor of Ulm.
The former is a fable about a sparrow that helped the city build a cathedral in the 1300s; the latter tells the story of a tailor who lived in Ulm in the 1830s and is credited with developing the first prosthetic leg.
Over time, Quackenbush has come to see the westentasche Theater Company and Ulm as a kind of second family and home. “It is a company of friends and a friendly city that enjoys my writing as I enjoy their performances. I always want to write still another play.”

About the Proyect Director:
NANCY E. DENTLER, artist name: Nancy Calero, was born in Lima, Peru, 1973. Actress, poet, former dancer and director. She studied psychology, theatre and ballet at the oldest University in America: San Marcos University, in her home town. Since 2003 Nancy has worked at theater in der westentasche as an actress and theatre pedagogue in public, private Schools and the University of Ulm, with kids, youth, adults and old persons. Nancy is also Dr. Clown for kids of war and poor countries by Friedensdorf International, and with help from her “elefante” puppet she makes everyone laugh and feel happy. Nancy also works with refugees and disabled persons in her theatre projects. Since 2012 Nancy is a German citizen and works actively in her community as Mentor of integration at culture in Germany. She has received many prizes with her “vest-pocket” ensemble. Nancy has been elected President of “Sommertheater westentasche association” that produces in Ulm all Quackenbush plays.


Ermöglicht wurde das Projekt Theatre for Europe durch das Forum der Kulturen in Stuttgart, das seit Mitte 2015 die intensive Beratung und Begleitung des Projektteams finanziert.


Begleitet und inhaltlich und organisatorisch unterstützt wird das Projektteam von dem freien Trainer und Coach Andreas Kern.


Die Jugendbegegnung Theatre for Europe wird gefördert durch das EU Programm Erasmus+. Durch das Programm sollen junge Menschen wichtige Schlüsselkompetenzen für ihre persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung erlangen.



Junge Menschen sollen über das Programm wichtige Schlüsselkompetenzen für ihre persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung erlangen. Junge Europäerinnen und Europäer sollen Lust bekommen, die Zukunft der EU mit zu gestalten. Solidarität und Toleranz über Grenzen hinweg will das Programm wecken und jungen Menschen somit das Gefühl einer aktiven europäischen Bürgerschaft vermitteln.


Innerhalb von Erasmus+ ist JUGEND IN AKTION das Förderprogramm für alle jungen Menschen und Fachkräfte im Bereich der nicht formalen und informellen Bildung.

Leitaktionen im Bereich JUGEND IN AKTION

Leitaktion 1: Lernmobilität von Einzelpersonen

In diesem ersten und von den Fördermitteln her größten Aktionsbereich wird es weiterhin Jugendbegegnungen geben, und zwar bi-, tri- und multilateral. Erhalten bleiben der Europäische Freiwilligendienst und Mobilitätsmaßnahmen für Fachkräfte der Jugendarbeit.

Leitaktion 2: Zusammenarbeit zur Förderung von Innovation und zum Austausch von bewährten Verfahren

Im zweiten Aktionsbereich werden Strategische Partnerschaften unterstützt, die auf Innovationen in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe abzielen. Im Rahmen der Strategischen Partnerschaften werden außerdem transnationale Jugendinitiativen gefördert. Eine Förderung nationaler Jugendinitiativen ist nicht mehr möglich.

Leitaktion 3: Politikunterstützung

Hierunter wird der Strukturierte Dialog mit jungen Menschen im Rahmen der Umsetzung der EU-Jugendstrategie gefördert.

JUGEND für Europa - Nationale Agentur JUGEND IN AKTION unterstützt Sie gerne bei Ihrer Antragstellung. Wir beantworten Ihre Fragen zum Programmleitfaden und zum Antragsprozess. Nutzen Sie unsere 0228 9506-220, die an Wochentagen von 9 bis 16 Uhr besetzt ist.



"weste"-Intendanten Theo und Chrischa Dentler
IDOMENI, April 2016
Theatre for Europe, gefördert von Erasmus+.